nikkie_in-tuk-tuk_cambodia-2-2016Hello, my name is Nicole …. 

I have been a Special Educator and Disability Advocate for over 25 years.

During the course of my career I have worked with a diverse population of students. My decision to focus my career in special education and behavior disorders is that I truly love working with the students with the most difficult behaviors. 

This blog is a new venue for me to reach out more globally and provide thoughtful and informative discussions on varying topics of importance that impact the lives of both children and adults with disabilities and their families.

It is my hope and intention to make “a small dent” in the lives of people with disabilities. By imparting information, creating awareness and advocacy I can assist in a small way towards creating acceptance; In-turn bettering opportunities and access for all.

My writings and discussions will focus on problem behaviors, learning strategies, and areas specific to the autism population, including employment.

  • Evidence-based strategies that can be implemented when working with a child or individual with problem behaviors, to manage meltdowns, on using positive reinforcement, choosing replacement behaviors and reward systems.
  • Discussions on evidence-based strategies for working with students with learning disabilities; and for developing social and communication skills in children/teens/adults with Autism.
  • Transitions to adulthood, employment, independence, vocational rehabilitation programs and services
  • Information and links to federal and state resources will be provided.
  • Discussions on the special education law for children, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act: and the American with Disabilities Act, an adult law mandated to prevent discrimination against individuals with disabilities.

Other Topics on Student Learning:

  • Information on organization strategies, retention and recall, test-taking strategies, time management, effective reading and note-taking skills, use of productivity software and assistive technology.


Information provided on this site is evidence-based and backed by research.

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